My Experiences with New Growth Group

Each year more than 2,500 young adults ( ages 14-24) throughout Cuyahoga County participate in Youth Opportunities Unlimited Summer Employment and Internship programs. The program helps participants develop both technical and soft skills through on-the-job experience and guidance from a mentor. This summer New Growth Group was excited to host an intern, Sean. Sean spent most of his summer with us and helped analyze data and informed our social media and communications strategies. We asked him to reflect on his experience.

Why did you want to take an internship with New Growth this summer?

I took this internship because I did not want to work at my previous intern site because I wanted new experiences. My worker found me an internship here and I was wary of it because it did not seem to fit my needs and wants. After my worker explain what I could potentially learn I was more open to the Internship here

What has your time been like at New Growth?

My experience at New Growth Group was a pleasure. The staff are respectful, nice, and helpful. My mentor Kaci has helped become acclimated to the workplace and what is expected of me as an intern here. Also the other staff here has helped my with work or whatever I might’ve needed.

What have you learned?

During my time here I have learned many things. I have learned different aspects of web design such as formatting the web page, learning how to use excel to pull and organize data. Also I have learned to be very particular so that all data I pull is accurate so that partners won’t receive wrong information.

How will the internship help you reach your future goals?

This internship will help me along because it has taught me IT skills, communication skills, and skill keeping with my deadlines. I would recommend this internship for those who like working with numbers or those that have a lot of patience because you do sit in a chair for the majority of your time unless you have a meeting. Overall my internship time here was exceptional


Best of luck Sean! Thanks for all of your hard work this summer!