Project Leadership & Staffing

We provide expert project leadership and support staffing during project start-up, sunset, or for the duration of the project.

Advisement and Coaching

We provide strategic advisement, technical support, and coaching to help projects succeed. Forms of support have included professional development training for staff, process and policy development, model development, and measurement coaching.

Partnership Coordination and Collaboration Management

We help organize teams of collaborators to deliver collective impact including agenda setting, collaborative planning, funding development, and ongoing management.

Legal and Compliance Consulting

We have in-house legal counsel that specializes in collaborative agreements including Memoranda of Understanding, partnership agreements, data sharing agreements, and contracts.

Case Study

New Growth manages Northeast Ohio’s TalentNEO initiative. TalentNEO is a workforce initiative in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties that encourages businesses to use ‘skills scores’ in their hiring processes. The goal is to help improve applicant pools by dialing in on actual skill qualifications for jobs in addition to resume qualifications. The intent is to improve the efficiency of hiring processes leading to reduced hiring costs and improved job retention rates. The project is coordinated by Towards Employment and supported in Summit County by ConxusNEO.